The Good Wine

By definition, what encompasses our ideas, our goals and moves our daily choices.

Sustainability and respect for the environment

Our vineyards are located in various plots of land under which an ancient aquifer flows, a real natural resource that feeds our plants thanks to drip irrigation systems, which allow us to minimize water waste.
The production process begins with the planting of vines: 4200 plants per hectare to obtain a limited grape production per vine, followed by grassing, low fertilization and integrated pest management.
For the most delicate and valuable red grapes, the harvest is done entirely manually by our team, with attention and dedication, while we use mechanical means for young grapes, which will give life to the wines produced and consumed within the year.
The subsequent vinification is carried out with modern oenological equipment that allows the wine to maintain its characteristics intact: the pressing is soft and the temperature is controlled during the fermentation and aging of the wines.

We believe in the art of making good wine


Controlled Supply Chain

We love to define this production process with the term “controlled supply chain”. As a matter of fact, each stage, from the planting of the vine to the bottling, is followed by our team within the company, according to our specific quality and safety standards.
This allows us to get to know our products in depth and to be able to offer our customers a quality and entirely handcrafted wine, at an affordable price and unlinked to the logic of large retailers.

A company to live

Keeping the link between Producer and Customer alive is important to us.
For this reason we organize events and days at the wine cellar, during which it is possible to get closer to our world, discover our products and spend time in a welcoming and different environment.

The Good Wine is for us a social glue and promoter of positive and pleasant moments. To discover our initiatives, visit the “News & Events” section of our site.