Who we are

A family business, a story of love and commitment to our work.

A family business

Our company was born many decades ago in a territory in the shadow of “La Rocca” in Monselice (PD), in the small district of San Cosma, south of the hills of the Bagnoli DOC wine area.

The ancestors of the Bertazzo family learned about the great generosity of this land of alluvial origin, of medium texture tending to clayey and kissed by a mild climate ideal for the cultivation of vines. And that’s how they founded the Antico Podere Company.


A turning point towards quality

Love and passion for wine have come down to us, crossing entire generations and eras, until reaching the hands of Silvano Bertazzo in 1980.
That year was an important turning point in our history. Thanks to the tradition and the knowledge acquired, the Antico Podere Company embarked on a path towards renewal with a view to quality.
A path supported by investments in equipment, production techniques and qualified professionals, which over the years have allowed us to develop our own product control and environmental sustainability protocol.

Our team

Our team, which sees 3 different generations of the Bertazzo family collaborate in the wine cellar – Silvano, his son Giacomo and grandfather Nazzareno – has maintained the family and craftsmanship vocation that has always characterized it.
Additionally, skilled professionals have been by our side for years, collaborating to achieve the corporate objectives and are now, by all means, part of our family and our history.

Being able to tell a piece of our company in each of our products is our main goal, and we believe that a close-knit and prepared team is the only way to do it.